About Every Hotel

Every Hotel is owned and operated by Hoteliplex, LLC. The story of Every Hotel and its growth path to today’s staggering 1,261,682 hotels worldwide begins in 1997 with the launch of All-Hotels.org and the All Hotels brand in the pioneering days of the World Wide Web.

All Hotels™ founded in 1997

All-Hotels.org was a business-to-business site created in 1997 by All-Hotels™ (“All Hotels”, All-Hotels.com, and All-Hotels.org) to enable independent hotels and hotel chains to maximize online hotel room booking sales. The All-Hotels.org website provided marketing support and product information for its’ All Hotels a-Res software and services to a membership of over 5,000 hotels and hoteliers worldwide. All-Hotels.org was developed and operated to help hoteliers to maximize their online sales revenue through the use of newly Internet enabled hotel reservation services, made possible by the phenomenal expansion of the World Wide Web.

All Hotels Brand Acquired by Online Travel Corp (Travelocity®) in 2002

The sister website of All-Hotels.org was All-Hotels.com (and mirror AllHotels.com) founded in 1997 by Richard Irwin. All-Hotels.com was a retail online hotel reservation website where customers booked online, but payed the hotel at checkout. The All Hotels brand and assets were acquired by Online Travel Corporation (OTC) in an all share deal worth up to £1.425m in 2002. The All Hotels websites were then later acquired from OTC by lastminute.com in 2004. The All Hotels brand rejoined the Travelocity (formerly OTC) portfolio of companies through Travelocity’s acquisition of lastminute.com in 2005.

All Hotels Grows to 77,000 Hotels Available Online in Just 4 Years

By the early 2000’s the All Hotels brand had grown to offer over 77,000 online bookable hotels available in over 10,000 destinations. All Hotels had become the most comprehensive hotel reservation service worldwide. All made possible by the rapid expansion of the Internet and consumer demand for better faster travel booking tools that no longer required a Travel Agent. Accommodation offers ranged from luxury 5 star hotels to bed-and-breakfast properties, plus thousands of unique and boutique hotels that could not be found anywhere else on the Web.

All Hotels Reaches £100m Sales and 2 Million Users per Month in 2002

In September 2002, when All Hotels was acquired by Online Travel Corporation (OTC) that boasted over £100m sales in 2002, OTC was one of Europe’s largest online travel suppliers and retailers, distributing through 15 branded websites and over 70 partner sites such as Expedia, OnlineTravel.com, TravelStore, Travelocity.com, and Virgin.net. All-Hotels’ robust hotel content, the All-Hotels.org hotel inventory management and booking platform “a-Res” and resulting efficient user experience allowed it to become the exclusive supplier of hotel content to OTC’s sites and its partners with an audience of more than 2 million unique users per month.

All-Hotels.org Acquired by Hoteliplex in 2013

During the period between 2002 and 2010 All Hotels posted extraordinary double digit growth in booked room nights year over year. Travelocity sold the All Hotels brand and assets (including All-Hotels.com and All-Hotels.org) prior to 2013. On March 19, 2013, the All-Hotels.com domain name was then sold for 5 figures through a private Internet domain auction and Hoteliplex, LLC., acquired the sister domain All-Hotels.org for an undisclosed amount.

Hoteliplex Launches Every Hotel in 2013

Expanding upon the concept of the original All-Hotels.org a-Res Hotel Booking engine, Hoteliplex had a vision to effectively merge, simplify, and manage multiple hotel data sources in complex relationships from numerous upstream Hotel inventory suppliers. In so doing, travel consumers would be better equipped to book a hotel online faster and easier at competitive market rates. This new hotel meta-search of multiple disparate data sources leverages technology to decrease the time a traveler needs to spend needlessly searching multiple hotel booking websites to find the best hotel deal.

Hoteliplex acquired several high profile hotel booking sites to further expand its brand portfolio, but continued to operate these sites independently under their own brand names. Hoteliplex’s mission to offer a fast and efficient single source web-based platform for travelers to search online for the best deals on hotels from multiple suppliers, hotel booking sites, independent and chain hoteliers succeeded with the acquisition, integration, and beta launch of Every-Hotel.com (Every Hotel) in 2013.

Every Hotel Now Offering Over 1,261,682 Accommodations Worldwide

Today Every Hotel has expanded to become one of the world’s largest online hotel booking services with over 1,261,682 hotels and accommodations available in destinations worldwide. While the original incarnation of the All Hotels brand is now history, Hoteliplex has since completed the original mission and realized the vision of the All Hotels brand through its numerous acquisitions (including All-Hotels.org) and its continuous improvement of the All Hotels’ multiplex hotel data delivery model. The original launch by All Hotels of just a few thousand hotels available for booking online in 1997 has now grown to nearly a million hotels available worldwide for booking on Every-Hotel.com. Every Hotel continues to grow and add additional hotels and accommodations to the Every Hotel database daily. And know you know “The Rest of the Story“.